Uebert Angel Re-launches Miracle TV

This month, on the 1st of November, Uebert Angel re-launches Miracle TV this month, the Good News Church TV station. The TV channel is broadcasting across Africa, Europe and America. The news of the surprise re-launch was well picked up in the media and has been a hit with viewers. Uebert’s media team announced the re-launch of the station with a Twitter message: ‘Bammm, and it’s on’ They were told to check now and Tweet screenshots for the station.

Uebert Angel is leading figure in the modern day prophetic movement. He founded the Good News Church, which along with it’s own TV channel has churches around the world. The Church is famous for showcasing Angel’s miracles and prophecies, which is does good-news-tvpublicly. The 24 hour channel is now available to millions of households around the globe and is free to watch. Upon it’s release many viewers hit social media saying ‘My prayers have been answered’.

Fellow preachers, leading public figures and loyal viewers have given their praise and support for the re-launch and are very excited that more is to come. Read the press release for Uebert Angel and his TV relaunch here. Uebert Angel and his new channel have been critically acclaimed in many newspapers including, and famous preacher Ben Hinn made a video blessing Uebert Angel and the new channel from Israel.

A viewer from Zambia has been quoted as saying, ‘It is a joy to be able to access Miracle TV, knowing that we will be able to view teachings from a servant of God. It is a blessing’. Watch the Benn Hinn video here:

News of the release has been well picked up in the media across the world. Read one of the publications that picked up the Uebert Angel release here. Connect with Uebert Angel on Linkedin here. Find Uebert Angel on Medium here. Read the Uebert Angel blog for the latest news and updates from the Good News Church and Miracle TV.


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